Revival Fellowship Newcastle & Hunter



This year around 120 saints from all over Australia were joined by 20 of our brothers and sisters from Vanuatu and Fiji for a weekend packed full of ministry, fellowship, singing, prayer and fun.

Once again, we recognise that, as Christians, what really satisfies our thirst in life are the things of the spirit and learning from the Word of God. This year’s theme was Timothy, Titus & me: Truth & Purpose, then & now.

Timothy and Titus were young people serving God, building the Church and living in the last days. Who would have thought that 3 short letters written so long ago could be so incredibly relevant and provide such diverse and encouraging ministry for a whole weekend in 2017? God’s blessing was evident with the thoughts from scripture fitting together perfectly and building throughout the camp.

Personally, one of my highlights each year is seeing our young people prayerfully searching the Word and being led of the Spirit to deliver what God knows we need to hear. The depth of ministry, constructive honesty, passion and genuine desire to build up the saints from the 14 different speakers was so evident.

The prayer room was busy every night with people wonderfully responding to the personal challenges and encouragement from the Word, seeking for the Holy Spirit, bringing their needs to the Lord or just making themselves available to pray with their peers, whether they knew them or not.

Praise the Lord, two sisters, Sarah and Josephine, were baptised at the local beach on the weekend. Josephine received the Holy Spirit in the prayer room on Sunday night, such a wonderful experience!

Overall, NYC17 was a call to action, to grow those within the Kingdom of God and bring those without into it.

Together we refreshed ourselves in the fact that there is one Truth – Jesus Christ. His plan, His Kingdom and His power all clarify our purpose in this life.

If you know someone who attended NYC17, grab them and ask them all about it! We’re already looking forward to next year, see you there.


To listen to all the encouraging talks from NYC17 visit

If you’re a young person and you missed this year - save the dates for NYC18! Friday 4th – Monday 7th May 2018 at Stanwell Tops NSW.