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About Us

Revival Fellowship Newcastle & Hunter

The Hunter Revival Fellowship is part of a worldwide group of people from all races, walks of life, age groups and social backgrounds. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and strive to revive the original salvation message in the Bible.

Throughout this website you’ll read stories of ordinary people who have had proof of God’s existence through personal miracles, with the common experience of being ‘born again’.

The simple message that we are preaching, the same old Bible message, is a new message again - plain, powerful and exciting.
Pr Bob Beverley, Canberra

What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is the complete, inspired and only Word of God.

We believe Jesus Christ is the son of God, and in His miraculous birth, death and resurrection.

We believe that we each need to repent, be baptized (fully immersed) in water and receive the Holy Spirit.

We believe that receiving the Holy Spirit is accompanied by the physical evidence of speaking in tongues.

We believe in the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church, including prayer for the sick.

We believe the fulfillment of Bible prophecy confirms God's plan for the Church, nations and individuals.

We believe Jesus Christ will return to rule the earth for 1,000 years before God creates a new heaven and earth after a final judgement of all men.

Our Services

Communion meeting

We have our Communion meeting at 298 Main Road Cardiff from 10:30am each Sunday.

These meetings are friendly and uplifting, and include music, testimonies, a heartfelt talk and a prayer line. Our meetings are special in that we base the structure on the original New Testament church as described in the book of Corinthians, including use of the 'voice gifts' of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday School and a creche are run at the same time as our main Sunday services, and we usually bring lunch to share after each Sunday meeting.

We have other more informal meetings throughout the week, including prayer meetings, youth group and home group meetings. You are welcome to join any of our groups.


Housemeetings provide an opportunity for people to get together during the week for fellowship. It is a relaxed format held at various venues around the Hunter and Lake Macquarie every Wednesday night from 7.30pm.

Daytime Group

For those unable to travel at night, a meeting is held on Thursday at 11am.

Whilst the daytime group cater for the more mature age group we welcome anyone who has some spare time during the day.

Youth Group (Usually referred to as Youngies)

For those who are highschool age and above, Youngies provides a support network of like-minded peers who regularly get together for fun activities. This can be a great support for young people during what is often a challenging time of life.

New Generation

A specific group for those in primary school. A variety of great activities are planned on the second Saturday of the month.

OpShop Heaven

Established for over 10 years, OpShop Heaven is a not for profit ministry operated by the Newcastle Revival Fellowship with the aim of making a positive contribution to the local community and as a permanent outlet from which the gospel can be accurately and constantly preached.
Profits aid local community needs as well as small communities in PNG, Fiji and Vanuatu. Find us at 298 Main Road, Cardiff NSW 2285.

Let's Do Lunch

Arranged for once per month, any one who is available is welcome to join in a lunch at a local cafe.

We're people who love God's Word and take Him at his Word. As a result we're seeing amazing things around the world.
Pr Ron Carslake, Africa

Our Leaders

Pastor Mark Hall (Lake Macquarie)
Pastor Mark Hall (Lake Macquarie)
TEL 0412 556 326
Pastor Mark Hall and his wife Janette, joined our fellowship in the late 70’s. Their lives dramatically changed after receiving the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues as in the Bible (Acts 2.4), and they left their drug and alternative lifestyle.
Mark began his pastoring role in 1989, helping establish a fellowship in Goulburn, NSW. Along with the rest of Australia, Goulburn was experiencing a wave of Revival with healings, miracles and powerful conversions to Bible Christianity.
In 1995 Mark moved here with his family after he was asked to be the Senior Pastor for Newcastle and the Hunter Region. Mark is on the advisory team for Vision 20 and the Church Council, as well as working as an electrical contractor.
Pastor Tim Nugent (Hunter)
Pastor Tim Nugent (Hunter)
I grew up in a small community attending the Seventh Day Adventist church, however as a teenager I started to question things and could find no proof that God actually existed. In 1988 I completed my trade and started work. Around that time I heard that God’s existence could be proven to me personally by the same miracle signs spoken about in the Bible (Mark 16: 16-20). While this challenged my beliefs I decided to put it to the test, and the same signs happened to me. My first thought was “It’s true!”. My family and I have been able to live a life without the usual mistakes and heartache. I own my own steel fabrication business and enjoy the outdoors.
Shaun Radford (Port Stephens/Raymond Terrace)
I grew up in a stable family and was not looking for God or wanting to be involved with a church. However I would often ponder why the world was the way it was. Over a three year period I was spoken to about God and the bible and finally put it to the test myself. One day on a country road near Singleton I asked God to prove Himself and in that moment I received the Holy Spirit. From that time on my life was never the same. I currently work as a Supervisor for the local energy authority.
Andrew Ferguson
Andrew Ferguson
My life was on a downward spiral of drugs and addiction when my brother told me about a life changing experience where God fills you with the Holy Spirit. I had never heard these things despite growing up in a mainstream church. I checked it out myself and went to a Revival Fellowship meeting where I was baptised by full immersion. A couple of days later I received the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues like the first Christians (Acts 2:4). Instantly my addictions were permanently replaced by joy and connection with my Creator. I have since married and had two children and God continues to bless my life in every way.
Repent, and be baptised every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
Acts 2 v 38